Thursday, September 27, 2012

Greennnpanda Craft's 1st Giveaway

Terms & conditions:

1. Follow GPC's blogshop and/or "Like" GPC's Facebook page. (for those who do not have a Facebook account, you juz need to follow this blogshop) --> done

2. Write an entry entitled "Greennnpanda Craft's 1st Giveaway", insert the GA banner in your entry and make sure to back link it to this entry. --> done

3. Leave your blogger ID, Facebook ID (if necessary) and entry link in the comment section of this entry only. --> done

4. Giveaway period: 5th September - 30th September 2012

5. Winners will be picked randomly & the results will be announced a week after the deadline.

nak join boleh klik di sini


Greennnpanda Craft said...

Salam n hye aznain~!!

Thanks coz sudi join my GA..
Ganbatte ne..gud luck & all the best~!! ^_^

aznain said...

grennnpanda craft
terima kasih sudi singgah...